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About IBREA Brain Tests
As part of its mission to educate the world about the potential of the brain, IBREA has developed these online tests under the scientific guidance of Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg; measuring memory, attention, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and other brain functions.
Current Project Status
This project is currently UNDER DEVELOPMENT:
  • There are now 8 tests available.
  • We are developing new tests.
  • We are building a normative sample based on your results.
  • We are collecting feedback for re-development.
Future Plans
This assessment will be available around the world; in local languages, without cultural or linguistic biases, and with a normative sample representative of each population.

Once we have completed normative sample collection, the tests will be available for individuals to help assess their own cognitive functions, and for clinicians to use in the diagnosis and treatment of brain conditions.

The tests may also be helpful in various educational and work settings. They will be particularly valuable in developing countries, where the standard procedures used in the Western world may not be readily available or appropriate.
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